Mark Siemens

  Fader Sound 



   Film & Video Sound


Dialogue Editor 

Selected Projects:

Laugh Large, "You See It, You Buy It"

(Direct to DVD - children's sketch comedy)

Thysia Productions Inc.

Producers: Kindree Chescoe, Mark Siemens

The Undivided

(Pilot TV episode - teen drama)

T.E. Productions

Producers: Brian Kathler, Kindree Chescoe

          (Video shorts - drama)

          ACTS Production Company                                   

          Producer: Ron Clark                     Experience with Nuendo & Final Cut Pro sound editing

                                                                Editing Suite: Nuendo 1.6 with Blue Sky 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

                                                                                        - also Sony/Sound Forge Noise Reduction 2.0

Location Sound Recordist